Monday, January 2, 2012

You found the perfect gift, now wrap it up!

During the 'Merry little Shindig' Design Vertigo offered shoppers complementary designer gift wrapping. We probably wrapped more then 30 gifts and each one was unique and a little work of art!

Our favorite wrap was the 'hole punch' embellished box! This is a 'NO WASTE' way to keep utilizing your scrap booking paper scraps. 

We just kept hole punching the scraps until we had a nice box full of hole punches. ThenYou just use spray adhesive. (we put two pieces of paper on either side of the desired area inorder to keep the adhesive in a strip in the center of the box.) Once the adhesive is down, you dump the hole punches on the area and push down, then dump the excess off. *Please let this dry completely before adding a bow... we used natural twine :) 

Our other crowd-pleaser was the paper garland stands. This was a really fun alternative to ribbon! we used it the same way and just wond around boxes.  You can see how to create this on this other blog post

We also got some inspiration from good ole martha for using yarn to do some creative gift wrapping! 
These are some of our other favs. that we found for gift wrapping:
go green gift bags!

endless possibilites with these bows

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