Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Metamorphosis of Design Vertigo

There will be an exciting shift in focus at Design Vertigo launching in March 2012. Currently you can find a charming retail boutique and design studio called Design Vertigo on the main street in downtown North St. Paul but starting in March you will have to visit The Wilde Room, an online exclusive showroom, to view and purchase products that are hand selected by Design Vertigo owner, Amanda Wilde. The Design Vertigo business will be strictly a hub of creativity! Offering clients superior design services in the areas of Interior Design, Visual Merchandising and Event Design

Creating exclusive interior designs; spotlighting commercial projects
  • o   Our Niche is designing for one-of-a-kind businesses that want to stand apart from competitors’.
  • o   Our signature style involves clever repurposing and unique finds, unexpected pairings and is constantly evolving.
  • o   No matter what the size and scoop, each project is evaluated with care and individually designed.
  • o   Offering educated and experienced direction and guidance
  • o   Delivering a cohesive and inspired design on schedule and in budget
  • o   Current projects include: a new bar for American Legion, boutique renovation for Elodie, a new construction vacation home, and several residential remodels.

Window display and visual merchandising program
  • o   Retail business can choose from a number of programs that offer unique, innovative, and personalized merchandising and window displays that not only creates an experience for shoppers but also leads them to point of purchase. 
  • o  Take advantage of this NEW design service!

Private event consulting
  • o   Providing clients with an overall design concept including style themes and colors.
  • o   We focus on the details, suggesting decorations, floral arrangements, invitations, and more. All together, it's everything you need to start creating a memorable event.
  • o   Design Vertigo provides a guiding hand to keep you on track as you plan your next, cooperate event, wedding, shower or dinner party.

Public event planner
  • o   Advocate co-operative marketing strategies for businesses in a general town or area that will encourage growth and development for both the community and the merchants.
  • o   Provide a town or business with a unique and appropriate event design that will be memorable, increases sales, and that will encourage a positive image, brand identification and much more.
  • o   Upcoming public events designed by Design Vertigo: Gina Marrie Vintage Mad Hatter's Tea Party and Fashion Show, North St. Paul’s 125yr. Celebrations, The Spring Soirée.

How clients can use MULTIPLE Design Vertigo Service:
A wonderful new business plans to open, so DESIGN VERTIGO: Will do the interior design for the space, coordinate the branding of the business, plan the launch party, and schedule seasonal window displays. Whalah!!    


What you have come to love and expect from the Design Vertigo retail storefront you may continue to enjoy at The Wilde Room online store!

  • o   We will still provide an ever-changing array of products and fashion for you, your lifestyle, and your home.

  • o   If you’re in the twin cities area, you are welcomed and encouraged to schedule a shopping appointment at our studio where you can try on clothing and purchase items from the Wilde Room online store              IN PERSON.
  • o   We are still excited to introduce you to local artist and will continue to feature new artist merchandise every month!
  • o   Art Classes will continue to be scheduled at our North St. Paul studio regularly throughout the year, taught by a variety of local artist and crafters. 

Design Vertigo Retail at the North St. Paul Location's Last day is Saturday February 4th! Please enjoy Friends and Family Discounts that week (January 30 - February 4)! 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Stay Warm Snuggle Bunny!

I'm going nuts over all the ways to repurpose old sweaters! Recently I received a huge box of old knit sweaters that I am using as the material to create these cozy craft ideas! 

Knit Bracelets! 
Project found Here
Recycled Jar Covers!
Tutorial from Design Sponge 
Cut off the arms of a sweater and use them as leg warmers out of your boots! I even sewed a few buttons on them to embellish.
Made these incredibly sweet wine sleeves for christmas gifts...Huge hit! 
This tutorial was found Here

A Big Ole Thank You!

My Amazing Family
I am so blessed to have the opportunity to do what I love! I’m constantly amazed at the graciousness of customers, artist and the people who willingly invest in helping me succeed. I owe so much to the amazing support I have in family and friends. 
My moms pep talks about being patient or bringing me lunch, my dad showing me how to change the 'tricky' light bulbs or find me the perfect display piece I was hunting for, my 3 awesome brothers moving furniture here, no there, ok back over there, my sweet boyfriend telling me not to give up fighting for my dreams and grandma telling me to have faith that God will bless what I do. (Please trust me when I say, that doesn’t even scratch the surface in how much help and inspiration I get every week from the people I love.)
Your kindness and support is breathtaking. Thank You!
-Amanada Wilde
Timmy being so helpful 
Mike helping create! 
Mom and I shopping at market

Justin helping creating the christmas window

Dad and David hanging the sign 
Awesome customers that snow-showed to the store in the snow
Blu Dot! My amazing photographer 
Dad installing the displays

The Story of how Design Vertigo Came to Be          ~in a nutshell~
Design Vertigo was envisioned and brought to life by Amanda Wilde in the summer of 2010; a meir two months after Amanda’s college graduation. Settled back in her hometown of North Saint Paul, Design Vertigo sits a block away from her parents thriving business, La Garage and Gallery. Growing up surrounded by her parents’ entrepreneurial spirit of hard work and self-motivation, Amanda always new that someday, she too would create her own company and brand. As college graduation approached and jobs were few and far between, Amanda saw that the economy was going to make it impossible for her to utilize her potential, so Design Vertigo was imagined into reality, kind of over night.

The DV Mission
-To encourage women to celebrate the ordinary days in their life with great fashion, fabulous products and to joyfully perform everyday tasks in an inspired environment all while not breaking the bank!

Design Vertigo prides itself on a unique selection of products. Amanda Shops for the store like she would shop for her mom, a friend or herself. All the products are hand selected to ensure a high level of style, uniqueness, and a balance between quality and affordability.

What else we've been doing around here above and beyond the store
-To offer interior design solutions that are as innovative as they are personalized to each client.

One of the highlights in Amanda’s life was creating Design Vertigo; creating a brand and a store interior that relates to the business. On a shoestring budget, hard work, and creativity a space was created that inspires all who enter it. Amanda offers other business owner’s support in carrying their business’s brand through to the interior design of the business.

-To give artist and creative people an outlet to sell their work, teach a class and be inspired by other creative minds.
Working with artist each month is a highlight. There is nothing better and more inspiring then meeting people who are passionate about what they create. Each artist has a gift and a story to go along with it. Providing a platform for them to tell their story and share their work is a small way we show our support for creative professions and the ‘starving artist’.

-To spark community development for downtown North St. Paul.
Amanda loves a good party, so creating events such as 'The Marry Little Shindig' and 'The Spring Soireé', was a no-brainer when she realized community events in the town had disappeared. She feels strongly that these events encourage a happy and positive community as well as promote downtown as a fun, affordable, and worthwhile shopping destination.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Everyday is a Fashion Show and the World is YOUR Runway

This vintage inspired lace dress and earrings are now available to be purchased at The Wilde Room! You could easily wear this to lunch with the girls or glam it up for an evening out with your sweetheart.  The banding detail is flattering on many different body types and allows the skirt to float away from the body.  This is they type of look you can easily keep simple of amp up with accessories, tights and a cardigan. Have fun with this vintage style!


This dress can go from day to evening in a snap! All the pieces you see and more can be purchased at The Wide Room

Friday, January 6, 2012

Color the Winter Beautiful!

So on my hunt for creative and clever "decor" for the outdoor winter event Design Vertigo created - A Merry Little Shindig- I discovered this idea: filling water balloons, adding food color, and freezing to make wonderful little colored ice 'rocks'.
Being concerned that one of these awesome ice eggs would wind up going through a store window (just cuz ya never know!) we decided to do the same idea but up them in big bags (like the kind you would take home a gold fish in)

We did a test ice bag at the beginning of the week, just to make sure our twist on the idea would work out. It did, but the color separated and sank to the bottom after a day. "Ok", we said to ourselves. "We'll just fill all the bags the day before the event, then we'll be safe!"

Well....the photo below is what we got..haha. They didn't freeze all the way. Not quite what i was going for, but i guess they are like little colored ice sculptures? Whatever, we rolled with it.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Monthly Love Announcement - March

I can't (and won't!) get these colors out of my head!
Color is the source of inspiration that infiltrates  many of the nooks and crannies that make up my week. From inspiring my outfit for the day to ordering product for the store...which leads to visual displays. Well this week...this was the color palet that flooded my brain! Traditionally, maybe a little bit on the 'spring' side of the season wheal but i can totally see these hues working now!  I'm seeing a party theme, a line of apparel, a beautiful breakfast room...oh the possibilities! 


Monday, January 2, 2012

Its been a big goal for Design Vertigo to put historic downtown North St. Paul on the map as a charming shopping destination!  
Tucked away in the shadow of the large snowman on Highway 36, downtown North St. Paul is located on 7th Ave. E. Just a block off the highway and a short 15 min. drive between St. Paul and Stillwater.

Downtown North St. Paul has all the offerings of a charming small town! From free parking to a variety of boutiques, antique stores, and eateries all in a short walking distance.  You can feel the sense of community and the rich history that North St. Paul prides itself on.  Shop keepers’ greet their customers with a smile and give personal attention to individual needs. Your experience in this delightful town will certainly leave you excited to return again!

 The review from AliShops came out shortly after I opened Design Vertigo lit the fire that has lead down the road of promoting and improving downtown North St. Paul. There is so much good in this town and even more potential! We just need to get the word out that downtown North St. Paul exists!   

The Smirking Santa

This winter we worked on the North Oaks Holiday Design Idea House, a fundraiser for the children's hospital. The space that Design Vertigo occupied had a huge wall that needed to be filled. I wanted art to be bold to make an impact and festive without being predictable. So, I called my good friend Kyle from Senthor Creative to help me out.   

 Senthor offers many creative service, but one that I have been utilizing a lot of is their 'Big Prints'. They do a great job taking any image, no matter how small or poor resolution and blowing it up BIG. 
The image itself is inspired by Andy Warhol
Myths: Santa Claus, 1981-85 
The Myths Portfolio is one of Andy Warhol's most sought after collections. Warhol's Myths collection contains ten screen prints of iconic mythical figures, including Santa Claus, Mickey Mouse and Superman.

What's cookin' good lookin'?

Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto is one of those finger food that is always a party pleaser! 

-buy prosciutto from the deli (imported is best!) and have them slice it THIN so that its almost falling apart.
-cut the woody ends off asparagus and then blanch the asparagus for 2 min.
*blanch- rolling boil water, add asparagus, cook 2-3 min, strain and put in ice water bath immediately, strain again
-after the asparagus is done, roll prosciutto on the center of the stock, line them up on a baking sheet lined with tin foil 
-sprinkle generously with parmesan cheese 
-broil on top wrak of the oven until it just starts to crisp on the edges, usually only takes a few min. 
-serve at room temp

This dish can be prepared up to a day before serving. Simply cover with a damp paper towel and wrap in plastic wrap. 


December's Featured Artist - Robin's Nest

Robin's Nest Textile and Design products are created by a wonderful local artist Melani Bowser. Melani creates these one-of-a-kind purses and bags by up-cycling textiles. One of the best parts about her products is reading the tag that discribes the 'former life' of the textile used to create the bag!  

 You can see in the hand sewn details that nature inspires the creativity and that’s why you’ll find birds, flowers and pods. I also love love love how she incorporates  pocket, buttons and details that were on the original shirt into the bag. 

"A bird’s nest is a collection of carefully selected materials (fallen twigs, a piece of string or even a lost wrapper) woven into a beautiful yet purposeful creation and that’s exactly what I do as an artist. Using quality repurposed textiles: shirts, sweaters, aprons, curtains, or whatever I can “gather” J gives all of my items a cozy nostalgic feel that make each piece completely unique.
The fact that I personally and lovingly create each item out of my own cuddly nest in Maplewood, MN, down to the free hand sewn artwork on some of my bags, cinches Robin’s Nest TD as the perfect name for what I love to do."

Robin's Nest believes in giving back: 10% of all sales goes to a charity that works, teaches, gives and loves along those in need.

Robin's nest products were the featured art at Design Vertigo for the month of December. She almost SOLD OUT! You can shop for these items and more on her Etsy store

Goodbye 2011 Hello 2012!

For me, ringing in the new year comes in two parts. One is a time of reflection on the last year and second would be goal setting for the upcoming year.
I've always been a big fan of making a new years resolution accompanied by a game plan of how i will accomplish the desired intent.  I fondly remember the year (2008 I think) that I  was determined to learn to drink (and enjoy) beer. After months of sampling lights, darks, loggers, and ales i said 'Hello' Spotted Cow! a local brew (in New Glarus, WI) you're my favorite!  I think new years resolutions should be  a bit more lighthearted and 'easily' obtainable. Resolutions like the beer or making stronger friendships through hosting a dinner party once a month or be more inspired through attending an art show or museum once a month were great resolutions that enriched my life and i knew i couldn't (or wouldn't) let myself down.

This doesn't mean that I dont also want to make a list of goals both professionally and personally for the upcoming year. I call this list of goals my "2012 To Do List" and i've got three of them. One for my business, on for just me and one I share with my boyfriend.
A sampling of the top 3 on each of my To Do Lists:
2012 Business To DO List
1. Grow the Interior Design Business
2. Be a better Blogger
3. Grow the online Wilde Room store
2012 Amanda's To DO List
1. Cook NEW food
2. Balance STRESS with living life!
3. Make more art
2012 Justin and Amanda's To DO List
1. Do a polar plunge
2. Write a duet
3. Figure out how to live in the same zip code

But before I choose a resolution, I like to look back and think about the blessing from the year past. I found this great list of questions that really encourage reflection and celebrate what you've put yourself through in the last year and get you geared up for the year to come!   I strongly encourage answering these questions for yourself!

1.  What accomplishments am I proud of from 2011?
2. What brave chances did I take?
3. When did I impress myself?
4. What challenges did I overcome?
5. Which relationships did I strengthen?
6. What did I create?
7. How did I nurture my relationship with my body?
8. What setbacks did I greet with grace and courage?
9. What were some fun ways I pampered myself?
10. What promises did I keep with myself and others?