Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pastel Passion.

I don't know what has come over me, but lately I am SO attracted to pastels. They seem so chic' and vintage that I just can't fight it anymore...I'm in love. So below are some images that got me on the pastel passion train... maybe you'll join me for the journey? 





Pastels are both romantic and feminine. Are you as IN LOVE as I am? 

April Showers Bring Paper Flowers?

Ok, fine. Its not april yet but paper flowers are a great way to enjoy a few blooms before your bulbs poke their little heads up. I don't know about you, but I am ready for the MN winter be over. I am itching for spring, sunshine, and most of all, flowers!  and the best part about paper flowers is you don't need a green thumb to make them!

I found this site that has a ton of tutorials to make any paper flower you can think of out of crap paper to origami paper and everything in between. Get creative!

These are so beautiful, its hard to believe they're made out of paper!

Big tissue paper poms are a cheep and chic' addition to a decor. You can theme them for a party like the photos above, or incorporate them into a child's room or office to add an eliminate of whimsy to the space.

In the shop, I incorporated these simple tissue paper flowers into the 4 birch trees that line the store window. It certainly helps it feel more like spring around here! 

Another twist on the paper flower concept are these little sweet things! I used a flower punch that I bought at the craft store and started punching out of an old cool! I did a few out of the pink and layering them adds dimension and texture. I haven't decided what i'm making out of these yet but they would be great party confeti, detail on a homemade card or in your scrapbook. I'm working up to a mix-media piece...but you'll have to stay tuned for that :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

You NEED this Interior Embellishment!

Lori Lee Sampson's art can be purchased at Design Vertigo

As an independent graphic artist for over 20 years, Lori Lee finds working in the new home decor vinyl medium very exciting. She says "To create a design and see it gigantic on a wall, or even small on a laptop, is a rush I can't explain." It certainly has it's challenges for a detail oriented artist like Lori Lee, forcing her to think in simpler shapes and designs to accommodate the vinyl characteristics and it's uses, but "That's part of the fun!", she says.

Lori Lee grew up on a farm in Indiana, so much of her art is influenced by country life and nature. However, dwelling in the Twin Cities for many years, she's developed a love for the dazzle of the city lights.

Stop in and see Lori Lee's beautiful vinyl art as she develops new designs and special effects to help you personalize your space both at home and work. It's not just for your walls, you can use it on any smooth surface to accent your current decor or to help create a new look. It's all about making your space unique and special to you!