Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More Up-Cycling MOSAIC ART

Pearis Hilton

Pinky Tuscadero 

Roxanne J. Squirrel 

Mary Kay


Chris Bicay lives in Forest Lake, MN and has always been drawn to art that is bright and whimsical. For years Chris has been creating mosaic “ladies”, each sculpture with their own name and personality. She also incorporates an image of her hero, Abraham Lincoln, into each mosaic lady sculpture. (You’ll have to look carefully to find him!) Chris also creates unique and inspired mosaic spheres of all sizes, most inspired by her muse- polka dots. 
She loves the re-use, recycle aspect of found-object mosaics, turning what was castoff and past it prime object back into something beautiful again. You might say that she is the fairy godmother to old ceramics, giving them a new exciting life with a wave of her magic spatula (which is what she uses for grouting).
As a child growing up in Brooklyn Center Chris would sort Chinese Checker marbles by color. Chris then graduated to repeatedly emptying her mother’s old coffee can of sewing buttons and sorting them by color. Most recently she began collecting used ceramic pieces, cutting them up, and sorting them by, you guessed it, color – ta da! – a mosaic artist was born.
If her mosaic art makes you smile, she’s done her job. Enjoy!
 She is selling her one of a kind art sculptures at Design Vertigo  in a artist of the month Trunk Show for the month of October. She will also being doing an art class, teaching her students tricks and tips of mosaic art and students will be making a round christmas ornament to take home!