Friday, April 22, 2011

She Added so much Beauty to being Human

Mothers Day is just around the corner (May8th to be exact) and I want to help you say "Thank You" to the woman who gave you life.
This is the Mothers Day Gift Guide! All the products below can be purchased at Design Vertigo in North Saint Paul.
Mom will love sipping out of these great coffee mugs! Only $7.99, they come in 3 beautiful pastel colors.

Handmade by local artist Pat Weaver, these bracelets are made from vintage flatware and adorne with a stone and jewel. Each one is unique and no two bracelets are ever the same. What makes these different from others is the magnetic clasp that makes putting on the bracelet a snap! Give a one of a kind work of art created with care and love - - only $25.00!

Soy Candles, made locally in Wisconsin, not only burn 40%longer then a typical candle but also burns clean and even the glass is recycled. This eco-friendly product comes in many different flavors that smell amazing! Price ranging form $10.99 - $19.99 

Supper chic mint and gray necklace and earring set only $25!

Fabulous felt pillows just in from New York. Affordable and comes in many styles and colors to complement any of mom's home decor.  

Multi-colored beaded cross pendent. Only $13.99 and choose from a variety of colors. 

 Gift book of quotes from incredible women.

Help mom relax with the all natural bath and body line. Comes in 3 flavors including this grapefruit+bergamot...yummy! price ranges from $5.99 - 12.99. The aroma will paper the mind and body.

 Its more fun to stay hydrated when you have a uber cute water bottel to drink from!
Give this special gift book; she must be something special. she is. celebrate her. $12.95

Find the perfect apron with many to choose from!

Update mom's kitchen with these supper cute measuring cups and spoons. 

Sassy Housewife napkins - - So many funny options to help mom say whats behind that smile. $5.20

 I hope these products give you some ideas from mom and peek your interest in shopping at Design Vertigo! We have much more where this came from! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Charming ~ Affordable ~ Close to Home

Independent businesses have banded together to urge local consumers to spend more of their dollars closer to home. Consumers, you want your hard earned money to stay in the community. When spending with a Mom n’ Pop store, 3 times more money is retained with the local economy. Concerned consumers are conscious of the environment and carbon emissions from transporting goods over long distances. As such, you know local independents are more likely to carry locally made goods and products created by American manufacturers. Lastly, there are the many intangible benefits to shopping local, like creating vibrant downtown street scenes, and shopping in stores with a colorful, distinct atmosphere. Further, there is the feel-good aspect of a store owner who greets people by name, and truly appreciates her customers.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Easter Bonnie Eggs

Bonnie is a customer at the shop and is an absolute sweetheart! She has a huge heart and I couldn't be happier to have her art in my store.
Bonnie has lived in Oakdale, Minnesota for over 20 years. During this time she raised a family and has become a doting grandmother. Always enjoying many craft projects, Bonnie is eager to share her hand crafted eggs, made from real eggs!  Bonnie hopes that you “Eggspecially” enjoy them with your family and friends this Easter season.
These eggs can be found exclusively at Design Vertigo from now till the saturday before Easter, April 23rd.

A special side note: Bonnie will be doing face-painting at the Spring SoireƩ on May 7th!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The MikeAnda Mansion Mission

May 1st. Michael and myself (Amanda) will be calling an apartment in the back of a Summit Ave. historic mansion in St. Paul home. We have come to refere to our new address as simply 'our mansion'. This dusty, old, quirky, and interesting apartment will have some significan challenges but we are not daunted by the task to transform it into a warm and wonderful home.  I would love to share this mansion mission with you, my design vertigo readers. Hopefully some of the solutions you see here will help you with your own home. We are working with a budget of next to nothing and we have some large walls and long rooms to fill. So this should be interesting!! 

Bref history of our mansion: It was built in 1885 and designed by Clarence Johnston. It was one of the first buildings in Saint Paul to use Lake Superior sandstone. It is built in the Richardson Romanesque style, a very popular style at the time, at a cost of $35,000 The first owner was in the lumber and coal business with James J. Hill. In 1939 the Mansion was donated to the St. Paul Gallery and School of Art. A large skylight was added to the roof at that time. Now its privately owned and they converted part of the mansion and the carriage house into apartments. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Get a Leg up on Leggings

Leggings are "IN" and are a great (and comfy) alternative for your bottom half. That being said, there are some very important guidelines that responsible adult women should follow when hiking up any form fitting elastic britches.
First and formost, leggings are NOT pants. Anyone who thinks they are and wears them as such usually comes off looking like they just did some yoga or just came off a street corner. (If you feel as strongly about this statement as I and many others, feel free to join the 'Leggings are not paints' facebook page .) Anyways, getting back to the point,  leggings as pants = way overexposure. Instead, you should be thinking about Leggings as an accessory. Always be wearing a tunic top, skirt or mini dress over leggings that cover your front and your butt. The exception to this is Jeggings (jean leggings), you still must cover your front, but you can let 25% of a cute bum show.
ok, thats the biggy. Now how to make leggings work for YOU:
Across the board I recommend solid neutrals like black, gray and brown. please for the love of god, dont even attempt a pattern or bright color or worse, white.. you are an adult, don't dress like a 12 yr. old even if they come in your size.
Second recommendation for legging rookies is to pair a loose top or dress with the leggings. Loose on top will balance with the fitted bottom. It will also help hide a roll or two that the elastic wast may or may not have created. The trick with the elastic waste band is to always buy a size bigger then you normally are...creates less muffin top.
What to put on your feet when wearing leggings...this has women's morning shows at debate. Boots, flats and sandals are completely appropriate. And I say, if your confident enough, go for the high heels...they'll make your legs look amazing and definitely make some heads turn, why not? The trick is to not wind up looking like Sandy in Grease... you can go form current to flashback as fast as you can say shoo-wap-bebop if you put together the wrong outfit with leggings. And speaking of flashbacks, FYI, leggings are not stirrup pants..that look will never come back. and leggings do not have feet..then they would be tights.
Lastly, I personally, am not a fan of when people wear leggings when the should be just wearing tights or nothing at all. if your dress or skirt is too long and you wear leggings, you just look homeless. So don't.

It all comes down to your comfort level, but dont be scared! Don't tell me your too old and don't tell me your too fat...your NOT. Leggings done right are a hot and chic' for anyone.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The story of a girl who needs a little glitter

So I'll admit it already. I've been obsessing over the Louboutins photographed below for awhile now. But seriously, can you blame me?? However, I'm living on a very small, glitter-free shoestring that dose not include the addition of these sweet puppies to adorn my feet anytime soon. So I did what any frugal female would do...wait a while for a good knock off. 
Well, the longer I waited, the more other expenses and other 'priorities' seemed to take presidencies to my much smaller but still not 'necessary' purchase. As my annoyingly responsible feet walked me away from yet another pair of glittery pumps I was feeling like I would never get to have any glitter in my life..
Low and behold, sitting in the polish ile for a meer $2.00 at Walgreens sat the most obnoxious glittery nail polish I had ever seen. A huge smile came to my face as I picked up the small vile of glitter paint--it looked like my shoes!!! SOLD. 
Alright, Alright, its a stupid and kind of sad story. But i'm wearing my gaudy polish right now and its still making me happy.