Monday, January 24, 2011

Something Feathered, Something Blue, Something Warm, Something New

Last weekend I did a winter wedding near Duluth Minnesota. The vows we made at Sunset in a beautiful church on a hill. Mr. Peacock was our inspiration for a yummy, rich color palette of royal blue, deep purple, blood red, and chartreuse accents. Birch trees, twinkle lights, and candles filled both the church and reception adding ambiance to the cold evening.
For the flowers we used Black Magic Roses and peacock feathers in the bridesmaids bouquets. The bride, whom already wearing feathers and not wanting to fly down the aisle, had a mixture roses, cala lilies, dalias, and ranunculus in of reds, purples, and greens in her bouquet; everything tied with a thick black satin ribbon. Boutonnieres featured a feather and coordinating flower that stood out nicely against the black on black tux.

Bitter or Just Cold?

In the store, I have recently introduced some beautiful, slinky, slightly see-through, little numbers. I thought, what better time then before Valentines Day, to give Lingerie sales a go. Silk, satin, ruffles, bows, and lace…quality items by any sensitive skin’s characterization and a price point that is as affordable as it is beautiful. Now, what could be the problem you ask? Well, I haven’t sold a single slip, nightgown, or teddy... It makes me wonder about you Midwest women! Why in heavens name are we not wearing Lingerie?! If its the practicality of wearing something not flannel in our wicked Minnesota winter is what’s turning you away, well then let me tell you that wearing lingerie to bed will be cretin to heat things up. Or maybe you are concerned that your snow-white skin that hasn’t seen the sun in months might blind your special someone if you were to reveal it. It’s going to be a long winter ladies, and the days are still short and the nights are still long…maybe you just need some inspiration and encouragement to find your inner sexy self! I found an appropriate article written by Natasha Cage on the subject.

“I am really flabbergasted and can’t imagine why ANY woman wouldn’t want to wear it. I mean, of course some of it is itchy, but that means you just haven’t found your fabric. And strangely enough, I like to wear it, even when there’s no one home but me. I’m all about putting on a cute see through lace top with a pair of boy shorts, settling in front of my t.v. on my tiny ikea couch, and munching on a bowl of popcorn while watching Little House on the Prairie. I’m bringing sexy back to Laura Ingalls Wilder. I could go on, but I’m going to do womankind a favor today and roll call a few reasons why I love lingerie:

Okay it may sound silly, but I put my heels on a vacuum my house in my black lace nightgowns. I swear the time moves faster and I don’t mind doing it as much. I pretend I’m putting on a show, dancing with a guy… okay maybe this reasons isn’t as convincing as I thought. Moving on…

Forget the fact that men are highly visual. Confident women are more comfortable with the opposite sex (it’s been proven by VSB ) and thus are more likely to be experimental. Confidence factor aside, let’s not forget the shock factor. If he’s used to flannels and you give him feathers, I think you sent the right message without saying a word. “

This post is for any woman with a body. Let’s work on shaping our foundations ladies. And remember, you’re beautiful inside and out, and lingerie just makes showing it off a lot more fun!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Handmade Princess

A Handmade Princes are knit products made by the sweet and bubbly Gilda. You can tell the second you see and touch her products that each one is made with love and care. From the soft yarns chosen to the flower details; every stich deliberate and thought out. Here is Gilda's Artist Bio:
"Hello, my name is Gilda and I am the owner of A Handmade Princess. I create fabulous knit and sewn accessories and decorations. I began knitting about three years ago and I cannot put the needles down. My designs are ever changing as with my expanding knowledge of all things knit. I’ve been sewing since college. I live in St. Louis Park, MN. I’m married and have two kids, a boy and a girl. I’m a part time stay at home mom and a part time preschool teacher. In my spare time, I knit, knit, knit and sew, too. I take pride in my knitting and I am fond of nice fibers. I have a massive collection of vintage buttons and vintage lace from my grandmother so I like to add those into my creations, too. I would like to say my style is eclectic."

Crafternoon with A Handmade Princess!
Saturday, February 5th at 2pm
$12 Cost. Space is limited. Signup and prepay to reserve your spot!
Bring a skein of whatever yarn you’d like to use and the size of needle appropriate for that yarn (it says on label of skein). We will learn to make scarves and rosettes! Yay for Knitting!

I Sew Love ShaggyBaggy!

Sharon Schneider, is the owner/maker of ShaggyBaggy totes. She grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota and has lived in Oakdale, MN for 20 years with her husband and 3 teenage daughters.

Sharon has been sewing for 25 years and is drawn to different fabrics and ideas by color and texture. She loves working with and combining new and vintage fabrics. All of the coffee totes are made from recycled burlap coffee sacks and many of the bags are repurposed from various upholstery remnants.

Sharon sold her first tote online in 2008. ShaggyBaggy is constantly changing and growing quickly. She loves being able to work from home and around her family’s busy schedules.

You are Invited to Design Vertigo’s second Art Evening
Tuesday, January 25
ShaggyBaggy Art Class!
Cost $15
Includes refreshments, instruction, and materials for 2 flowers.
Arrive at Design Vertigo at 6pm for refreshments. Learn and create the ShaggyBaggy flower embellishment. Space is limited so please prepay to reserve your spot for a delightful evening of Art!

Erik Blume Photography

A few days ago this cool kid (that reminded me of one of my little brothers) walked into the shop and nervously pulled out a half a dozen prints of his photography, asking if i would consider hanging some in design vertigo. His work was edgy, unique, and fresh. I said, "Erik, its your lucky day. Even though i already have an artist of the month, I have blank space on the wall behind my counter and i would LOVE to hang your work there." This is where Mr. Blume's photography now sits and is already being admired and recognized as, " Erik Blume? oh, yeah, he's that crazy good artistic kid from North!" haha! Cheers Erik you're already famous!
Artist Bio: "I was raised in Oakdale, Minnesota. Graduated from North High School, class of 2010. I am now a freshman at the University of Wisconsin – Stout where I am studying graphic design as my major and photography as my minor.
Photography to me is being able to capture a specific moment in time forever. I believe that history is very important and photographs can be the best way to tell a story. Each photograph means something specific to the creator but can mean many completely different things to its viewers. These varying viewpoints are both powerful and beneficial in many aspects. Being a photographer is my way of showing people who I am and at the same time being able to grasp an exact moment that will never happen again."