Monday, January 24, 2011

Bitter or Just Cold?

In the store, I have recently introduced some beautiful, slinky, slightly see-through, little numbers. I thought, what better time then before Valentines Day, to give Lingerie sales a go. Silk, satin, ruffles, bows, and lace…quality items by any sensitive skin’s characterization and a price point that is as affordable as it is beautiful. Now, what could be the problem you ask? Well, I haven’t sold a single slip, nightgown, or teddy... It makes me wonder about you Midwest women! Why in heavens name are we not wearing Lingerie?! If its the practicality of wearing something not flannel in our wicked Minnesota winter is what’s turning you away, well then let me tell you that wearing lingerie to bed will be cretin to heat things up. Or maybe you are concerned that your snow-white skin that hasn’t seen the sun in months might blind your special someone if you were to reveal it. It’s going to be a long winter ladies, and the days are still short and the nights are still long…maybe you just need some inspiration and encouragement to find your inner sexy self! I found an appropriate article written by Natasha Cage on the subject.

“I am really flabbergasted and can’t imagine why ANY woman wouldn’t want to wear it. I mean, of course some of it is itchy, but that means you just haven’t found your fabric. And strangely enough, I like to wear it, even when there’s no one home but me. I’m all about putting on a cute see through lace top with a pair of boy shorts, settling in front of my t.v. on my tiny ikea couch, and munching on a bowl of popcorn while watching Little House on the Prairie. I’m bringing sexy back to Laura Ingalls Wilder. I could go on, but I’m going to do womankind a favor today and roll call a few reasons why I love lingerie:

Okay it may sound silly, but I put my heels on a vacuum my house in my black lace nightgowns. I swear the time moves faster and I don’t mind doing it as much. I pretend I’m putting on a show, dancing with a guy… okay maybe this reasons isn’t as convincing as I thought. Moving on…

Forget the fact that men are highly visual. Confident women are more comfortable with the opposite sex (it’s been proven by VSB ) and thus are more likely to be experimental. Confidence factor aside, let’s not forget the shock factor. If he’s used to flannels and you give him feathers, I think you sent the right message without saying a word. “

This post is for any woman with a body. Let’s work on shaping our foundations ladies. And remember, you’re beautiful inside and out, and lingerie just makes showing it off a lot more fun!

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