Saturday, January 22, 2011

Erik Blume Photography

A few days ago this cool kid (that reminded me of one of my little brothers) walked into the shop and nervously pulled out a half a dozen prints of his photography, asking if i would consider hanging some in design vertigo. His work was edgy, unique, and fresh. I said, "Erik, its your lucky day. Even though i already have an artist of the month, I have blank space on the wall behind my counter and i would LOVE to hang your work there." This is where Mr. Blume's photography now sits and is already being admired and recognized as, " Erik Blume? oh, yeah, he's that crazy good artistic kid from North!" haha! Cheers Erik you're already famous!
Artist Bio: "I was raised in Oakdale, Minnesota. Graduated from North High School, class of 2010. I am now a freshman at the University of Wisconsin – Stout where I am studying graphic design as my major and photography as my minor.
Photography to me is being able to capture a specific moment in time forever. I believe that history is very important and photographs can be the best way to tell a story. Each photograph means something specific to the creator but can mean many completely different things to its viewers. These varying viewpoints are both powerful and beneficial in many aspects. Being a photographer is my way of showing people who I am and at the same time being able to grasp an exact moment that will never happen again."

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  1. AHHH!!! ERIK IS THE BEST!!!(: I had him take my senior pictures. It was the BEST decision I have ever made!!(: