Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The MikeAnda Mansion Mission

May 1st. Michael and myself (Amanda) will be calling an apartment in the back of a Summit Ave. historic mansion in St. Paul home. We have come to refere to our new address as simply 'our mansion'. This dusty, old, quirky, and interesting apartment will have some significan challenges but we are not daunted by the task to transform it into a warm and wonderful home.  I would love to share this mansion mission with you, my design vertigo readers. Hopefully some of the solutions you see here will help you with your own home. We are working with a budget of next to nothing and we have some large walls and long rooms to fill. So this should be interesting!! 

Bref history of our mansion: It was built in 1885 and designed by Clarence Johnston. It was one of the first buildings in Saint Paul to use Lake Superior sandstone. It is built in the Richardson Romanesque style, a very popular style at the time, at a cost of $35,000 The first owner was in the lumber and coal business with James J. Hill. In 1939 the Mansion was donated to the St. Paul Gallery and School of Art. A large skylight was added to the roof at that time. Now its privately owned and they converted part of the mansion and the carriage house into apartments. 


  1. Amanda is this the house next to the Hill house?