Saturday, April 2, 2011

The story of a girl who needs a little glitter

So I'll admit it already. I've been obsessing over the Louboutins photographed below for awhile now. But seriously, can you blame me?? However, I'm living on a very small, glitter-free shoestring that dose not include the addition of these sweet puppies to adorn my feet anytime soon. So I did what any frugal female would do...wait a while for a good knock off. 
Well, the longer I waited, the more other expenses and other 'priorities' seemed to take presidencies to my much smaller but still not 'necessary' purchase. As my annoyingly responsible feet walked me away from yet another pair of glittery pumps I was feeling like I would never get to have any glitter in my life..
Low and behold, sitting in the polish ile for a meer $2.00 at Walgreens sat the most obnoxious glittery nail polish I had ever seen. A huge smile came to my face as I picked up the small vile of glitter paint--it looked like my shoes!!! SOLD. 
Alright, Alright, its a stupid and kind of sad story. But i'm wearing my gaudy polish right now and its still making me happy. 

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