Sunday, March 6, 2011

You NEED this Interior Embellishment!

Lori Lee Sampson's art can be purchased at Design Vertigo

As an independent graphic artist for over 20 years, Lori Lee finds working in the new home decor vinyl medium very exciting. She says "To create a design and see it gigantic on a wall, or even small on a laptop, is a rush I can't explain." It certainly has it's challenges for a detail oriented artist like Lori Lee, forcing her to think in simpler shapes and designs to accommodate the vinyl characteristics and it's uses, but "That's part of the fun!", she says.

Lori Lee grew up on a farm in Indiana, so much of her art is influenced by country life and nature. However, dwelling in the Twin Cities for many years, she's developed a love for the dazzle of the city lights.

Stop in and see Lori Lee's beautiful vinyl art as she develops new designs and special effects to help you personalize your space both at home and work. It's not just for your walls, you can use it on any smooth surface to accent your current decor or to help create a new look. It's all about making your space unique and special to you!

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