Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Story of how Design Vertigo Came to Be          ~in a nutshell~
Design Vertigo was envisioned and brought to life by Amanda Wilde in the summer of 2010; a meir two months after Amanda’s college graduation. Settled back in her hometown of North Saint Paul, Design Vertigo sits a block away from her parents thriving business, La Garage and Gallery. Growing up surrounded by her parents’ entrepreneurial spirit of hard work and self-motivation, Amanda always new that someday, she too would create her own company and brand. As college graduation approached and jobs were few and far between, Amanda saw that the economy was going to make it impossible for her to utilize her potential, so Design Vertigo was imagined into reality, kind of over night.

The DV Mission
-To encourage women to celebrate the ordinary days in their life with great fashion, fabulous products and to joyfully perform everyday tasks in an inspired environment all while not breaking the bank!

Design Vertigo prides itself on a unique selection of products. Amanda Shops for the store like she would shop for her mom, a friend or herself. All the products are hand selected to ensure a high level of style, uniqueness, and a balance between quality and affordability.

What else we've been doing around here above and beyond the store
-To offer interior design solutions that are as innovative as they are personalized to each client.

One of the highlights in Amanda’s life was creating Design Vertigo; creating a brand and a store interior that relates to the business. On a shoestring budget, hard work, and creativity a space was created that inspires all who enter it. Amanda offers other business owner’s support in carrying their business’s brand through to the interior design of the business.

-To give artist and creative people an outlet to sell their work, teach a class and be inspired by other creative minds.
Working with artist each month is a highlight. There is nothing better and more inspiring then meeting people who are passionate about what they create. Each artist has a gift and a story to go along with it. Providing a platform for them to tell their story and share their work is a small way we show our support for creative professions and the ‘starving artist’.

-To spark community development for downtown North St. Paul.
Amanda loves a good party, so creating events such as 'The Marry Little Shindig' and 'The Spring Soireé', was a no-brainer when she realized community events in the town had disappeared. She feels strongly that these events encourage a happy and positive community as well as promote downtown as a fun, affordable, and worthwhile shopping destination.

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  1. It is a great thing to be able to work at what you love doing. Great job!