Monday, January 2, 2012

December's Featured Artist - Robin's Nest

Robin's Nest Textile and Design products are created by a wonderful local artist Melani Bowser. Melani creates these one-of-a-kind purses and bags by up-cycling textiles. One of the best parts about her products is reading the tag that discribes the 'former life' of the textile used to create the bag!  

 You can see in the hand sewn details that nature inspires the creativity and that’s why you’ll find birds, flowers and pods. I also love love love how she incorporates  pocket, buttons and details that were on the original shirt into the bag. 

"A bird’s nest is a collection of carefully selected materials (fallen twigs, a piece of string or even a lost wrapper) woven into a beautiful yet purposeful creation and that’s exactly what I do as an artist. Using quality repurposed textiles: shirts, sweaters, aprons, curtains, or whatever I can “gather” J gives all of my items a cozy nostalgic feel that make each piece completely unique.
The fact that I personally and lovingly create each item out of my own cuddly nest in Maplewood, MN, down to the free hand sewn artwork on some of my bags, cinches Robin’s Nest TD as the perfect name for what I love to do."

Robin's Nest believes in giving back: 10% of all sales goes to a charity that works, teaches, gives and loves along those in need.

Robin's nest products were the featured art at Design Vertigo for the month of December. She almost SOLD OUT! You can shop for these items and more on her Etsy store

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