Friday, January 6, 2012

Color the Winter Beautiful!

So on my hunt for creative and clever "decor" for the outdoor winter event Design Vertigo created - A Merry Little Shindig- I discovered this idea: filling water balloons, adding food color, and freezing to make wonderful little colored ice 'rocks'.
Being concerned that one of these awesome ice eggs would wind up going through a store window (just cuz ya never know!) we decided to do the same idea but up them in big bags (like the kind you would take home a gold fish in)

We did a test ice bag at the beginning of the week, just to make sure our twist on the idea would work out. It did, but the color separated and sank to the bottom after a day. "Ok", we said to ourselves. "We'll just fill all the bags the day before the event, then we'll be safe!"

Well....the photo below is what we got..haha. They didn't freeze all the way. Not quite what i was going for, but i guess they are like little colored ice sculptures? Whatever, we rolled with it.

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