Monday, January 2, 2012

Goodbye 2011 Hello 2012!

For me, ringing in the new year comes in two parts. One is a time of reflection on the last year and second would be goal setting for the upcoming year.
I've always been a big fan of making a new years resolution accompanied by a game plan of how i will accomplish the desired intent.  I fondly remember the year (2008 I think) that I  was determined to learn to drink (and enjoy) beer. After months of sampling lights, darks, loggers, and ales i said 'Hello' Spotted Cow! a local brew (in New Glarus, WI) you're my favorite!  I think new years resolutions should be  a bit more lighthearted and 'easily' obtainable. Resolutions like the beer or making stronger friendships through hosting a dinner party once a month or be more inspired through attending an art show or museum once a month were great resolutions that enriched my life and i knew i couldn't (or wouldn't) let myself down.

This doesn't mean that I dont also want to make a list of goals both professionally and personally for the upcoming year. I call this list of goals my "2012 To Do List" and i've got three of them. One for my business, on for just me and one I share with my boyfriend.
A sampling of the top 3 on each of my To Do Lists:
2012 Business To DO List
1. Grow the Interior Design Business
2. Be a better Blogger
3. Grow the online Wilde Room store
2012 Amanda's To DO List
1. Cook NEW food
2. Balance STRESS with living life!
3. Make more art
2012 Justin and Amanda's To DO List
1. Do a polar plunge
2. Write a duet
3. Figure out how to live in the same zip code

But before I choose a resolution, I like to look back and think about the blessing from the year past. I found this great list of questions that really encourage reflection and celebrate what you've put yourself through in the last year and get you geared up for the year to come!   I strongly encourage answering these questions for yourself!

1.  What accomplishments am I proud of from 2011?
2. What brave chances did I take?
3. When did I impress myself?
4. What challenges did I overcome?
5. Which relationships did I strengthen?
6. What did I create?
7. How did I nurture my relationship with my body?
8. What setbacks did I greet with grace and courage?
9. What were some fun ways I pampered myself?
10. What promises did I keep with myself and others?

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