Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Twelve Days of Christmas

Ok, so I don't have any geese a laying or turtle doves to offer you this Christmas season, but  I have created a shopping guide of 12 of our most popular gifts to give! You can find all of these (and obviously much more) at Design Vertigo! You can also choose to shop our select items online too at the new Wilde Room

1. Gold cuff bracelet $9.99
2.Pearl drop earrings $7.99
3.Vintage inspired Stud earrings $14.99
 4. Bangle bracelets $5.99
5. Recycled magazine frame $28.00  
6.Watch necklace $16.00
7.Sacred Suds "Inner Peace' Soap $7.00
8. Sparrow Necklace $12.99
9. Cupcake pin cushion $11.99
10. Knit bow clip $5.99
11. Coffee cozy sets $12.00
12. Glitter Leaves $8.99 

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