Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Candy Cane Deserts!

My sweet friend Tiffany and fabulous intern Sara were so kind to help me do some backing for the Merry Little Shindig. Below you will find the recipes and tips to makes these festive treats at home.

Cookies for the Holidays
Christmas is the perfect time of year to pull out all those passed down recipes of delectable treats!
One of my favorite Christmas traditions is making Christmas Cookies with my mom.  Even though I now live a state away every year I find time to go home and we spend a day or two sifting through recipes and choosing the winners! 
Here is a recipe we have made several times but over the years we have tweaked a bit. This is our version of Candy Cane Cookies that we have come to enjoy! I hope you and your family enjoy them as well

Here are a few tips to help you in the cookie making process:

1.I like to place the dough if the refrigerator prior to making the cookies; it helps to keep the dough from getting too soft   
2.If you want larger cookies you can use more dough per cookie; I suggest not rolling the rope as thin to keep the cookie stable
3.Ensuring that both ropes of dough are the same length is very important
4.Prior to twisting gently roll your two ropes together so they form one
5.Once the ropes are twisted gently together carefully pick them up and place them on the cookie sheet
6.Once the cookies are one the cookie sheet create the hook and bake

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