Monday, April 23, 2012

My Art Crush for April

I love, appreciate, and enjoy fine art. But when I go in an art gallery, its not very often that I wish I could afford to take a piece out with me. This was not the case when I visited Wyland Galleries in the North Shore Marketplace in Haleiwa Hawaii. I was instantly drawn in to the colors and bold patterns of one artist, Heather Brown. I  couldn't get enough of it! My boyfriend dragged me out, empty handed and we carried on with our vacation.
On the last day of our trip, we were strolling through the shops on Waikiki beach and I spotted it, one of Heather Brown's paintings printed on a beach bag! I ran in, checked the price tag...BINGO now this I could afford, what an awesome find. We were in the popular surf shop Rip Curl. I wound up purchasing a lightweight sweatshirt with a sunset printed on it. We chatted with the shop keepers about Heather Brown to get the scoop on this new art crush I had found.

Heather Brown is a local Hawaiian artist living in the North Shore of Oahu. Boy, she sounds like a busy lady! She sells her art and products all over including her own gallery in Japan. The inspiration for her art comes, quite obviously, from nature, hawaii and the landscape of the ocean.  Her colors are wonderfully sullied-shaded and softened so that they recall sun-bleached stucco and the comforts of old jeans and flannel pajamas. I love the quirky, lightheartedness of her work. although they are neat and organized, they are still very playful and organic.

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