Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Making the Pit into my Palace

Major wall and ceiling prep work. Thanks dad!
Filling in all the old nail holes 

Trim Work
The key to the success of the paint job in this room was knowing the secrets to trimming. Now I had my little blue tape out like a good girl, staring at the endless amounts of molding in the space, thinking "I will be doing this forever".  When my dad walked by and said, "umm no." and handed me his "good" paint brush. What makes a good paint brush you ask, well apparently it is an angled brush that is slightly firm and has no wild hairs on it.  
Hold your paint brush kind of like you would a pencil, but loose. With a steady hand dab the paint on the wall near, but not exactly ware you are trimming. Use that paint as your palet. Taking your time, you slowly cut in to the paint  with the point of your brush and drag it, gently working it into the straight line next to your molding. 
After we finished and were leaving, I thanked my dad for his help and teaching me how to trim and he said, "well you would have still been putting up blue tape if I hadn't!" (So True!) 
Its amazing how much better this dusty old room looks with a fresh coat of paint from top to bottom! 

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