Thursday, September 30, 2010

Up-cycling Artist!

 Mary Kay Vaughan

Ever since Mary Kay was a little girl and received her first box of 64 Crayola crayons, art had  been a part of my life.   She  dabbled with many types of art forms throughout the years, and her current creative obsession is making art with bottlecaps. "I enjoy taking an everyday item and turning it into a unique art form." Mary Kay has participated in many craft shows locally, and loves to see how people respond to my items, especially when they realize that it all started with a small, plain bottle cap.
 Mary Kay was born and raised in St Paul, Minnesota. She is a single mom with 3 daughters.

Pat Weaver
Great Grandma of five, Pat grew up and still lives in Stillwater, MN.  She spends her time creating the ultimate in “up cycling” art.
Pat searches antique shops far and wide for unique vintage flatware to crate her extra ordinary jewelry.  Each piece is carefully handcrafted and well thought out.

You can find these one of a kind pieces of wearable art at 

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